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hanks to the powerful devices in our pockets, customers can quickly and easily find any service or product they are seeking nearby. Do businesses allow the same privilege of searching potential customers nearby?

Luckily, now with Pulz, Yes!

Wouldn’t it be great if you are able to find “how many prospective customers are near your business”and that too within 30 meter radius, so you can share contextual messages and offers that magically pop in mobiles of people around & trigger their I-want-to-go to this place moment and they decide to visit you immediately.

With Pulz, you can do all of that and much more.. Whatever might be your industry, Pulz lets you create engaging experiences for everyone who is nearby.

Pulz can be a map, a shopping list, a shopping assistant, a product finder all at once & that too without you getting your hands dirty into developing a personal mobile app for your business.


  • Retail
  • Hotel
  • Multiplex
  • Events, Expos
  • Museums, Art Gallery

Actively engage your visitors

Shoppers are making their shopping decisions on the go. Whether they’re in a parking lot, in a grocery store, or waiting patiently at the airport, they are using smartphones to help them decide what to buy. They can have their ‘I-want-to-buy-moments’ anytime.

The purchase journeys may have changed, but goal of each brick and mortar business is the same- ‘Drive foot traffic to store.’

You can win these “I-want-to-buy-moments” by using mobile & location based technology. But how?

Pulz lets you improve the shopper experience & drive their ‘i-want-to-buy moment’ towards a ‘sale’.

You now have the power to create engaging experiences for everyone who is nearby your business by sending out contextual information about products right on their smartphones.

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Create memorable experiences for your guests

Imagine a technology that lets you expedite check-in and check-out for your guests, conveniently guide them to specific locations and transport them into a futuristic ambiance.

Imagine having known each returning customer’s food preferences, past orders & coupons used just as they walk into your restaurant premises, so you can give them a new meal special or offer.

Pulz, the ultimate service companion for your hospitality business, lets you treat each customer as special and make them feel on top of the world with your services at hand.

Your guest enjoy tailored offerings and you can enjoy an added tool to retain customers and deepen customer loyalty. Not only can you drive repeat business by offering better experiences, unlimited possibilities like these await for you.

Just some this and that..and Pulz will manage the rest. Experience the potential for your restaurant, cafe, hotel or resort.


Rethink- Real Time

Pulz gives the ability to engage your multiplex audiences with jaw dropping proximity experiences in real-time. You can effortlessly push an upcoming movie trailer as the audience approaches its poster in the waiting lounge. Wouldn’t be a great surprise for them and a great business opportunity for you.

Design fun activities, movie trivia and give your audience far more than the box office experience. Make your brand matter more in the moment by sharing relevant offers to encourage more footfall and share personalized coupons to reward your loyal customers.

Pulz also acts like personal concierge so you can improve your services, movie timings, food etc. Reviews made simple with Pulz.

To feel closer to the action on screen, your fans intuitively share ratings of their movie-watching experience with Pulz & you get a great social recommendation.

Ready to entice your fans and strengthen relationships with customers?


Unlock extra personalized value for your event, trade show participants

Unlock extra personalized value for your event, trade show participants

Pulz has the potential to transform event spaces by letting business owners configure beacons and interactivity to their products, demos so that individuals can unearth personalized content right on their mobile screens, streamline event registration process & converting more people.

Imagine Trade Shows and Expos go Paperless so you save the cost of Visiting Cards & Brochures & drive more revenue. Pulz allows attendees to save business card on their device, request for digital brochures, request for meeting from within the app.

Like event attendees and expo visitors, Pulz offers tons of rewards for expo stall vendors who can push proximity based notifications to people who might just be passing by your venue or expo stall and assist them navigate on trade show map.

Automatically receive contact information of each visitor while you might be busy talking to other visitors

Actionable insights for event managers and stall owners like

No. of people who show interest in your business
Real-time heat map of most visited zones or displays


The future of experiential marketing is here.

The future of experiential marketing is here.

Add element of story to each of your product exhibit by displaying engaging content right on user’s mobile just when it reaches near the product display, without the cost of allotting representative to the products.

Imagine Museum Experiences where each visitor can explore the element of story behind each exhibit as they approach near it.

Pulz lets you delight your visitors by serving “Rich Content” like images, videos, animations in context to their precise location inside your premises.

Enhanced guided tours where each guest explores each touchpoint in unique fashion. More Interactivity in Events: Live Audience Poll, Scavenger Hunt & more gamification.


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